Manufacturing expertise in diversified sectors.

Our Companies


Sharaf Industries, a division of Sharaf Group, was established in 2005 to develop, manage and lead the group’s ventures and companies in the manufacturing and construction sectors.

Companies within Sharaf Industries operate in the manufacture of cement, façade engineering and installation, aluminum ducting, and the manufacture of CNG cylinders – a highly specialized company with a focus on environmental sustainability. These companies are:

  • ALU27
  • Jebel Ali Cement,
  • Gulf Processing Industries,
  • Sharaf Finetec Cylinders

Gulf Processing Industries deals with culinary products, which are suited to the tastes of consumers in different regions and countries in the Middle East and Africa.

With its experienced management team, Sharaf Industries leads the operational management with an emphasis on sustainable business development, quality products and technically advanced operations that ensure we deliver on our promises to customers and stakeholders.