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Information Technology

Information Dynamics (ID) was established in 1995 to meet Sharaf Group’s internal needs for business solutions and technology applications. Information Dynamics has developed expertise for the shipping, retail and travel sectors and also provides financial applications expertise. ID has a presence in more than 70 countries and has representatives in the Middle East, India, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya.

ID delivers business solutions for shipping applications covering the entire gamut of services, encompassing customer databases, documentation, operations and financials, including revenue and cost statements. Our retail solution fulfils the complete needs of all segments, covering the entire value chain from procurement, warehousing and supply to shop-floor POS, billing, financial, inventory and back-office, for all functionalities. Similarly, our travel solution is a comprehensive, modular enterprise system that integrates all functionalities and business processes of the travel business.

ID also specialises in providing Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) with Database & Middleware Services, SSN (Server, Storage & Network) Management, Virtualization and Cloud-based services as the key focus areas.