Dubai Japanese School Embarks on a Transformative Renovation Project in Collaboration with Sharaf Group for a Sustainable Future

Dubai Japanese School Embarks on a Transformative Renovation Project in Collaboration with Sharaf Group for a Sustainable Future

Dubai Japanese School Embarks on a Transformative Renovation Project in Collaboration with Sharaf Group for a Sustainable Future

   Mr. Koichi Yokoyama – Dubai Japanese School Board & Chairman of Parents Association, Mr. Mohammed Sharaf – Director of Sharaf Group, H.E. IMANISHI Jun – Consul General of Japan in Dubai, Mr. Sharafuddin Sharaf, Vice Chairman of Sharaf Group, Mr. Katsuhiro Nakagawa – Chairman of Japanese Association, Mr. Takashi Seimiya – Chairman of Dubai Japanese School Board

DUBAI, 31st January 2024 – The Dubai Japanese School is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Sharaf Group to undertake a comprehensive renovation project aimed at creating a sustainable and modern learning environment for rebuilding learning facilities for Dubai and Japanese communities in the United Arab Emirates. This initiative underscores our commitment to providing quality Japanese education to the vibrant Dubai Japanese communities and their families.

The renovation project, slated to commence in 2025, will encompass state-of-the-art facilities and upgraded classrooms with a harmonious environment. This strategic long-term partnership with Sharaf Group reflects our shared vision for fostering educational excellence while adapting Japanese quality education and also Dubai’s vision in education which

The philosophy of Dubai Japanese School education is to foster an autonomy and independent spirit, physical and mental health, internationalism, the ability to think for oneself, make independent decisions, and act, a heart of compassion for others, a heart of emotion, and a will to work hard. The Dubai Japanese School also remains dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience that prepares students for a globalized world. The renovation project indicates a significant step towards realizing this vision, ensuring that the school continues to be a hub of learning and cultural exchange.

Mr. Sharafuddin Sharaf, Vice Chairman of Sharaf Group stated “As we embark on this transformative journey with the Dubai Japanese School, we recognize the importance of supporting the Japanese community in Dubai as an integral aspect of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Our collaboration with the school aligns seamlessly with Dubai’s visionary commitment to providing quality education in Dubai among the world’s top 10 cities, one of the objectives of Dubai Social Agenda 33. By investing in the educational well-being of the Japanese community, we contribute not only to the enrichment of young minds but also to the cultural tapestry that makes Dubai a truly global city. Together, we are not merely building school facilities; we are fostering social connections, nurturing potential, and fulfilling the promise of a brighter, more inclusive future for all.”

Mr. Takashi Seimiya – Chairman of Dubai Japanese School Board expressed “We sincerely appreciate the extensive support and collaboration of the Sharaf Group for over 40 years. We strongly believe that this transformative project will lead the way to next level of educational experience and help students to achieve their potential by a sustainable and modern learning environment we’ll create together.

Ms. Satoko Kato – Principal of Dubai Japanese School commented “We are immensely grateful for the steadfast support of the Sharaf Group in our endeavor to rebuild and enhance the Dubai Japanese School’s facilities. Their long-term commitment to education and sustainability aligns with our mission of fostering a quality education and enriching learning environment for our students.

The Sharaf Group’s unwavering support also helps in building a brighter future for our students, and we look forward to the positive impact of our renewed school on the entire community of Dubai. Moreover, Japan and the UAE both share high moral codes, and our school continues to focus on and share the value of moral education in Dubai.”


Dubai Japanese School Embarks on a Transformative Renovation Project in Collaboration with Sharaf Group for a Sustainable Future

About Dubai Japanese School

The Dubai Japanese School, established in 1980, is one of the leading educational institutions serving the Japanese community in Dubai committed to academic excellence and cultural enrichment, the school provides a nurturing environment for students to thrive. The program follows the Japanese national curriculum approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The Japanese School currently caters to around 136 students predominately from Japan.

About Sharaf Group

Sharaf Group is a diversified business with a growing presence in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and Asia. The Group is headquartered in Dubai and operates in more than 50 countries in the areas of Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Information Technology, Financial Services, Hospitality & Real Estate, Education, and Manufacturing.

Times Square Center Achieves LEED Certification for its Picnic Square

Times Square Center Achieves LEED Certification for its Picnic Square

Times Square Center Achieves LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification for its Picnic Square

❝The mall embraces sustainability, actively contributing to a healthier planet for the

benefit of future generations❞

Times Square Center Achieves LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification for its Picnic Square

From left to right – Ms. Nicola Trivett Commercial Director, Summer Town (Picnic Square Contractor), Middle – Mr. Mohammed Sharaf, Director Sharaf Group Mall Division, Right – Ms. Nancy Nese Ozbek, General Manager Sharaf Group Mall Division.

11th December 2023, [Dubai, UAE] – Dubai’s favourite community-driven mall, Times Square Center, has been awarded a LEED Green Project certification, for its newly launched Picnic Square. The global green building certification program recognizes, and awards projects being designed and maintained with the highest degree of energy efficiency. As part of the launch event, held on December 8 th , the certificate was officially awarded to Mr. Mohammed Sharaf, Director – Sharaf Group Mall Division in a special ceremony.

The certification rewards the design, construction, operations, and maintenance of resource- efficient, high-performing, healthy buildings. Times Square Center is proud to have designed and maintained Picnic Square in an energy-conserving manner, including machinery to collect organic waste from mall tenants which is then recycled into plant food and hydration.

The launch event of Picnic Square included the community being invited to an afternoon of fun activities, workshops, games and more, showcasing the versatile new space as the perfect location to host parties, meet with friends, throw networking events, and attend pop-ups and exhibitions. Located on the first floor of Times Square Center, Picnic Square features welcoming open spaces, clean lines, comfortable furniture, natural materials, the integration of biophilic elements such as plants and greenery, and a variety of high-quality seating options and areas. Including family-friendly seating zones and stylish ‘private pods’ for mothers to feed, Picnic Square’s contemporary elements complement the functional open-plan design.

Picnic Square features a range of food delights including Noon o Kabab with the rich flavours of Iran, immersing guests in vibrant Indian traditions, Spark Bake catering as well as vegan enthusiasts. Excitement is building as the mall awaits the opening of Al Tablia bringing homemade goodness from Egypt, Taco Taco adding a Mexican twist, Bangkok City inviting visitors to taste Thailand, Mama Italia showcasing Italian wonders, and Butcher Burger offering a blend of quality meats – each promising a journey into extraordinary flavours.

Mr. Mohammed Sharaf, Director – Sharaf Group Mall Division said, “Creating sustainable projects is an ongoing goal of ours and hopefully one of many more to come. Picnic Square improves the well-being of users and helps us to achieve zero company waste to landfill, following the UAE government's 2030 goal. We were thrilled to see the community supporting us on Friday in our efforts to make the planet a better and safer place to live for our future generations.”

Times Square Center is dedicated to sustainability and actively engages with the local community, offering a warm embrace with the charm of familiar neighbourly qualities. During weekends, the mall’s renowned local community markets – The Ripe Market, Baby Bazaar, and Arte – The Maker’s Market, along with regular marketing events, consistently reinforce this commitment.



SUSTAINAFEST: Buy Smarter, Buy Greener at Times Square Center– 01st till 04th December 2023

Welcome to SustainaFest: A Celebration of Change!

Embrace the spirit of change as we celebrate the UAE’s 52nd National Day, focusing on The Year of Sustainability. It’s time to pave the way for a brighter future—for yourself, your children, and our beloved planet. The power to make a difference lies within you, and together, we can shape a sustainable tomorrow, one buying decision at a time.

Join us at the heart of community shopping, Times Square Center @timessquaredxb, for a 4-day immersive experience during COP28. Our esteemed host, British broadcaster, retail and consumer expert, and sustainability champion, @realkatehardcastle, will guide us through this transformative journey.

SustainaFest is not just an event; it’s a masterclass in making better buying decisions and embracing sustainable choices. Small changes can add up to a significant impact—both for the planet and your pocket.

The mall will come alive with inspiring talks, engaging workshops, and fun activities for all ages. Expect to meet familiar faces and discover brilliant UAE brands at the forefront of making a positive difference.

Save the dates: December 1st to 4th, from 2 pm to 6 pm daily. Times Square Center, nestled in Sheikh Zayed, Dubai, is the vibrant backdrop for this transformative experience.

Best part? It’s a free-to-attend event with activities designed for the whole family. So, come one, come all, and let’s create a wave of change together.

See you at SustainaFest!



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