The educational concept is set to help children, teens and adults build confidence and curiosity through artistic disciplines and mentorship.

New Creative Arts Training Institute, The Confidence Lab by The Gaia Centre is set to open its doors on March 21st, 2023 at Times Square Center. The concept caters to children, teens, and adults to build courage, confidence, and curiosity, through courses and workshops focused on acting, communication skills, and creative writing. Bringing 10 years of The Gaia Centre experience, the venture aims to strengthen and support the creative revolution taking place in Dubai.

Alongside being educators, The Confidence Lab team is composed of actors, performers, writers, DJs, and artists, that guide participants to be more confident in fields of theatre, public speaking, writing, debate and drama. The homegrown brand venture also promotes and guides on conscious digital usage and well-being through all available courses.

“In today’s fast world of technology, expression, and AI, learning how to communicate, create, and express with clarity and courage is an essential life skill. We as a society will soon be teaching machines about empathy, kindness, and creativity, and what was once termed as “soft skills” in the era of industrial and technological progress are now the most important skills as we step into the powerful age of information. The Confidence Lab by The Gaia Centre is the space where we can have deep conversations and skill development around the above topics,” added Ashwin Menon, Co-Founder, The Confidence Lab.

‘’I firmly believe that one must teach their kids young to develop positive self-esteem to make them feel confident and capable. When kids are confident and secure about who they are, they’re more likely to have a growth mindset – motivating themselves to take new challenges and cope with and learn from mistakes, and that’s where The Confidence Lab fits in,’’ shared Nancy Ozbek, General Manager, Times Square Center.

Over the last decade, The Gaia Centre has guided around 3000 learners of all ages in creative thinking and expression. Building on that experience, with The Confidence Lab, The Gaia Centre aims to build powerful, confident, and creative learners and performers that will understand the importance of collaboration, courage, and creativity.

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